Wetlands and Coastal Zones Documentation Center
What is the purpose of the Wetlands and
Coastal Zones Documentation Center?

The Wetlands and Coastal Zones Documentation Center main objective is to contribute to the systematization of information on wetlands and coastal zones generated all over the world, and to support activities in research, training, professional formation and communication.

The center offers a simple way of obtaining fundamental information that is unavailable anywhere else, and also provides a quick and easy means for disseminating large quantities of information that has not been published for a variety of reasons. The Center currently has more than 9,000 references concerning wetlands and coastal zone conservation and sustainable use. Due to the difficulties in the region of obtaining publications, the Documentation Center’s greatest contribution lies in its capacity to provide copies of all documents included in the database. More than 400 ongoing users are currently served in and outside of the region. The Documentation Center’s most important goals during the triennium are:

  • To place its database in the Micro-Isis system to distribute the database free of charge
  • Personnel in the region will be trained, and nodes will be created in Mesoamerica in order to serve the public and enhance Center potential and efficiency
  • The program will update its database yearly for inclusion in the web page, permitting access by many other users
  • More agreements will be established with other documentation centers in and outside of the region

Who are the Wetlands and Coastal Zones Documentation Center Users?

  • IUCN Members in the Mesoamerican region
  • The network of Documentation Center users
  • The Wetlands and Coastal Zones Specialists Group
  • Other documentation centers and libraries in and outside of the region

Strategic Alliances with the Wetlands and
Coastal Zones Documentation Center

The Documentation Center is seeking strategic alliances with other information units having similar interests and located at institutions where academic work is being carried out in the area of wetlands and coastal zones. This makes it possible to share the information contained in its document base, and institutions can work together to promote and support actions for disseminating the information available on wetlands and coastal zones.

An agreement was recently signed between IUCN/ORMA and Fundación Acceso to include and maintain the center’s bibliographical database within the METABASE project at the foundation. We invite you to visit the METABASE website, where you can access the Documentation Center. The address is: http//www.acceso.or.cr/metabase.
There you can consult the available references and, back at our site, make an online request of the references you need using the form we provide on our Documentation Request page.

A letter of understanding will soon be signed with the BIODOC Documentation Center, under the Regional Wildlife Management Program at Costa Rica’s Universidad Nacional. Other initiatives of this type are being negotiated with eight institutions in the region so that these can become depositary centers for the ORMA bibliographical database at the Wetlands and Coastal Zones Documentation Center.

Documents generated by the Mesoamerican
Wetlands and Coastal Zones Thematic Area:

Francisco Pizarro, Claudia Gómez y Rocío Córdoba. Humedales de Centroamérica: síntesis de veintisiete estudios e iniciativas sobre educación, investigación, manejo y conservación de humedales y zonas costeras. San José, Costa Rica: UICN. Area Temática de Humerales y Zonas Costeras.

Cordero Pérez, Pedro, Rocío Córdoba Muñoz, Franklin Solano. Por los humedales de Costa Rica: experiencias del Proyecto Estrategia Nacional de Conservación y desarrollo sostenible de los humedales de Costa Rica. San José, Costa Rica: UICN-Area Temática de Humedales y Zonas Costeras, 2000, 44 p.

Cordero, Pedro y Solano, Franklin. El manglar más grande de Costa Rica: experiencias de la UICN en el Proyecto DANIDA-Manglares de Térraba Sierpe. San José, Costa Rica: UICN-Area Temática de Humedales y Zonas Costeras, 2000, 40 p.

Cordero Pérez, Pedro En defensa del manglar: experiencias del Proyecto "Aprovechamiento Sostenible de los Recursos Asociados a los manglares del Pacífico de Guatemala". San José, Costa Rica: UICN-Area Temática de Humedales y Zonas Costeras, 2000, p. 36

Aguilar R, G. 1996. Guía de procedimientos para el manejo de humedales en Costa Rica. San José, C.R.; UICN. 70 p.

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Windevoxhel, N. 1997. Situación del manejo integrado de zonas marino costeras de Centroamérica: sus perspectivas para el manejo de áreas protegidas marino costeras. San José, C.R.; UICN. 25 p.

Windevoxhel, N.; Rodríguez, J. En Prensa. Situación de los recursos naturales en Centroamérica. San José, C.R.; Comisión Centroamericana de Ambiente y Desarrollo.

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32 p.

Windevoxhel, N.; Rodríguez, J.; Lahmann, E.J. 1997. Situation Of integrated coastal zone management in Central América: experiences Of the IUCN Wetlands and Coastal Zone Conservation Program. In Ocean & Coastal Management. Special Issue. In Press



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