IUCN Freshwater Initiative in Mesoamerica
The World Commission on Dams (WCD)
Volume 2, No. 4

This international commission arose from the need to build consensus regarding the negative impacts and the benefits stemming from the construction and management of large-scale hydroelectric projects. WCD is made up of policymakers, banks, academicians, and businesses working in the area of environmental impact management, financing, construction and management of hydroelectric projects at the world level.

Currently the Commission is carrying out a consultation process in various regions to learn about case studies in the following areas:

  • Participation and conflict resolution related to large dams
  • Energy and dams
  • Food security and dams
  • Impacts on communities that are displaced or otherwise affected by the development of hydroelectric projects
  • Environmental impacts from large dams

Other aspects discussed in regional consultation fora were the sustainability of fishing, impacts on indigenous communities, and linkage between Commission activities and other regional and international agencies of cooperation, such as the Wetlands Convention (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) and the World Health Organization (WHO.)

Fore more details on the consultation process in Latin America and other activities, visit: http://www.dams.org.

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Secretariat of the World Dam Commission
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