Projects in Central America
Centro de Derecho Ambiental y de Recursos Naturales (CEDARENA)
Volume 1, No. 3

Specific projects CEDARENA has carried out in the field of wetlands and coastal zones and which illustrate their particular specialty include:

  • Study on shrimp cultivation in Honduras, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, 1998, by Eugenia Wo Chin S. The study describes policies and legislation in this area, emphasizing required procedures and EIA, in contrast to what occurs in reality. General conclusions can be made from a comparative analysis between the countries.
  • Report on coastal zone management: 1994-1997, by Lubín Villalobos, 1998. Describes the coasts, their legal structures and certain key aspects such as sale of coastline, multiple-use marine areas and mangroves. Presents conclusion about the situation of coastal zones in Costa Rica.
  • Manual de la Ley sobre Zona Marítima Terrestre: illustrated guide for understanding and applying legislation on the maritime zone, 1996. By authors Franklin Paniagua Alfaro and Lubín Villalobos M. An illustrated and simple explanation of this law in Costa Rica.
  • Study of international treaties, especially those related to environment, that have been ratified by Mesoamerican countries, 1998, by María V. Jiménez C. This publication deals exclusively with Costa Rica but others will soon be available on the rest of Central America.
  • Manuals on environmental legislation in Central America, 1996. CEDARENA-RODA

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