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Wetlands and Coastal Zones Bulletin
Volume 1, No. 3

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Projects in Central America
Asociación Iniciativa Para El Desarrollo Alternativo (IDEA)

Fishing in Jocotal Lagoon IDEA is a non-profit organization working in scientific, social, economic and environmental aspects. Its most important project is El Jocotal, carried out in association with municipalities, schools and communities. It works in the areas of research, environmental education, community development, women, gender and development, and consensus building for sustainable development.

El Jocotal Wildlife Refuge was accepted as a Ramsar site in August 1998.

Located 132 km from San Salvador, the refuge includes Jocotal Lagoon, Chaparastique volcano and the Casamota-La Pezota and Chilanguera forests. Its life zone is subtropical (hot) wet forest. Vegetation is primarily aquatic and swamp forest, extending over the most extensive area in the nation with this type of flora.

Of the 504 species of birds reported for El Salvador, at least 135 can be found in El Jocotal. There is intense pressure on this area, and the NGO IDEA is working for its protection and preservation.

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