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Wetlands and Coastal Zones Bulletin
Volume 1, No. 3

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The Belize Audubon Society

At the end of 1998, Belize became the 108th signatory of the Ramsar Convention, and the first wetlands of international importance this country placed on the Ramsar list was the Crooked Tree Lagoon Area, located 33 miles northwest of Belize City.

This area provide excellent opportunities for observing Belize's magnificent wildlife. The protected area was created in 1984 primarily to preserve resident and migratory birds, and consists of a network of inland lagoons, swamps and waterways that shelter the new world's largest flying bird, the jabiru (jabiru mycteria.)

This sanctuary and five more protected areas are administered by the Belize Audubon Society (BAS), an NGO promoting sustainable use and preservation of natural resources in Belize in order to maintain a balance between people and the environment. BAS was created in 1969 as an international chapter of the Florida Audubon Society, but became completely autonomous in 1973.

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